Ritchie Blackmore Ties Ye Olde Knot



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Ritchie, I've been a fan ever since my parents got me the "Deepest Purple" compilation many years ago. You've given us a great body of work with Purple, Rainbow and Blackmore's Night. Candice is a wonderful singer. May your life together be long and blessed! Come and play in Detroit...a lot of people would love to see Blackmore's Night!



Remember...don't go to bed mad LOL but you probably already knew that! From your #1 fan in SoCal, who is pining for the 2 of you (and your wonderful band) to return!


Justin Jensen (not verified)

May they have an eternity of love and music together.
after all, they do "Make beautiful music together"!

With much love


Sherry Johnson (not verified)

As a long time fan of Blackmore's Night, I would just like to say,I hope these two have a long, happy, successful life together.

Deep Purple was a great band, and Rainbow had thier moments, but I don't think Ritchie Blackmore has ever been happier than he's been since he and Candace Night teamed up.

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