Road Rash - Dave Mustaine



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dave, you just pissed me the fuck off.i live in lizella georgia and was born and raised here.I dont know were you get off classifing every one in the south to have the same mantality.Most of us down here are loving and kind and generious, but like any were eles you gonna have a few ass holes like your self and that taxi driver. I hope you dont never show your ass up around here cause ill show you how us red necks do things you no playing punk ass bitch.



Though while I agree with you, in that Dave Mustaine's generalization isn't fair, however! Since I myself is black, it feels "good" to know that one of your favorite musicians isn't racist. You know, people say all the time like "those metal bands are racists or devil worshipers".



I agree. I've always hated Dave for this reason. He says things that just aren't true. That is obviously a lie. I live in Texas and I can safely say almost no one talks like that and isn't a racist. And he just said how he is against racism. Well if I'm not mistaken what he jsut said was prejudice. To pin some bullshit story like that on all of the south is one of the many reasons I never have or ever will support Megashit.



it georgia no alabama or texas texas is a great state georgia is trapd in the 40s raceism wise i know i live here i also know that isint a lie ive seen the report

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