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Rock Stars: Guitar World Horoscopes, Week of February 27, 2012

Rock Stars: Guitar World Horoscopes, Week of February 27, 2012

VIRGO: Why must people continue insisting on challenging you? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. But this week, more ego-motivated challenges to your authority abound. With the Sun opposing Mars in your Sun sign, Virgo, on Saturday, the opponents insist on lobbing a few more cannonballs across your bow, just to test you. However, Virgo has a few moves up their sleeve that few can fathom, much less predict. With the right preventative measures, confrontation can be skillfully avoided. Unless, of course, you are fixing for a fight, in which case, the day will no doubt be yours.

LIBRA: All work and no play is not the solution to feeling alienated and out of the loop, Libra. Your personal struggle with Saturn, the taskmaster, is almost over, but the lesson he has come to teach is not to abandon emotional happiness in favor of professional advancement. A balance between these two realms of your life is possible, but you will have to dig deep to find the answer. A vacation could provide the solitude, peace, and quiet you need to sort out some major decisions about your next steps, and how to restore balance to your life.

SCORPIO: You may encounter unexpected conflict with people you thought were your friends. Before you jump to conclusions (or down anyone’s throat) take some time to reflect on colleagues’ or loved ones’ criticism. Their observations, however painful, may not only be valid, but also worth serious consideration. Mercury’s entry into Aries on Friday inspires a professional courage; but beware, this influence can also arouse egotistical or reckless behavior.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be caught up in the middle of a dispute this week. Confrontational energy is very disturbing for peace-loving Sagittarians, so retreat may be your first impulse. If instigators insist on riling everyone up despite your efforts to make peace, your instinct to withdraw could be exactly right. However, if you can reconcile warring factions within the group, you will together be able to accomplish an amazing amount of work in very little time.

CAPRICORN: Now is the time for Capricorns to network; your ability to communicate abstract concepts and creative ideas is heightened throughout the week. Your innately disciplined personality often influences you to forgo diversion in a somewhat misguided effort to ‘stay on point;’ however, socializing will actually serve to further your professional goals right now. Have a good time, hang out, and party – without guilt tripping yourself.

AQUARIUS: A new rehearsal or workspace where you can work in peace and solitude steps up the pace of production this week. Your concentration and focus return with Mercury’s entry into Aries on Friday, signaling a period of prolific writing. Collaboration has always been your strong suit, but right now, Aquarians’ independent spirit is better expressed free of the pressures and complications that accompany working with others. The inventive and unconventional aspects of your creativity shine more brightly when you are standing on your own.

PISCES: You are coming into your power period with enigmatic Neptune, your ruling planet, in your Sun sign. This week, your challenge is to balance the benefits of this substantial influence – heightened sensitivity, increased clarity, psychic perception – with its potential negative effects, namely, dissolution into the dream world. There is a dangerous temptation to abandon important tasks and get lost in mists of madness. If you channel this seductive energy into creativity you will make great leaps forward not only in your work, but also in your relationships.

Margaret Santangelo is a New York City-based freelance writer and astrologer specializing in the astrology of rock and roll. She has been a contributor to Guitar World, XXL, CosmoGirl!, Seventeen and other publications over the past 15 years.


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