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Roger Taylor on New Queen: "There Won't Be an Album"

Roger Taylor on New Queen:

Queen fans concerned about there being another new Queen album with a vocalist whose last name isn't Mercury can rest easy. Drummer Roger Taylor says there won't be a new Queen album.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Taylor said of the prospect: "I've got to tell you, there won't be an album. There's just not enough, and the last thing I want to do is have a sort of barrel-scraping exercise."

But there is good news for those who are holding their breath for some Freddie Mercury-era goodies, as the long-rumored collaborations between Mercury and the late Michael Jackson may still surface in the near future.

"There's a couple of great tracks that Freddie recorded with Michael Jackson that Brian and I are working on and they are good," Taylor said. "So at some point they will surface I think when we feel it's a good moment. I don't really want to ride any sort of wave there. So that's an interesting thing, but that will be probably later some point next year."

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