Roger Waters Explains the Imagery and Symbolism Behind The Wall Live, His Update of the Pink Floyd Classic



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You know, as an American living in Europe for the past six years, I have noticed that a lot of self proclaimed world conscientious individuals always feel an obligation to point out what they perceive as the United States' shortcomings in the international arena. Mostly portraying us as money hungry, careless, dispassionate and uneducated colonialists. While I would be the first to agree that we are not in any sense of the word perfect, I have never heard any group of Americans just sitting around and bashing the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain or Greece or any other country in the world. Yet the rest of the world can't seem to find enough topics within their own borders to complain about or be concerned with, and brother believe me ...they have some doozies!

Waters comments about Bush and Blair and the inference that Americans and allies are murdering people in Afghanistan is another example of this air of superiority. And the fact that he wants to take his original story about personal loss and the post WWII psyche of the British people and change the imagery to villain-ize a society that he does not agree with or understand is completely asinine. And by the way, no one from England has any right to pass judgement on the US in international affairs, at one point in history the UK "owned" most of the known world. This is like Elton John re-wording Candle in the Wind for the Princess. WRITE A NEW SONG!!!! If there is a new statement that you want to make, don't rehash old compositions. Revel in what you have created and if you can no longer create then resign yourself to playing and performing what you have created as well as you possibly can.

As for the fashionable bashing of America, I have been as polite as pie for six years and I'm just getting tired of it. I love living here, I love the people, the history , the food, the art and some of the music but PLEASE put your own house in order before you tell me whats wrong with mine. Yes we have problems, but I don't see any masses of people beating town the doors to immigrate to any of your countries! And by the way the US gives more money in aid to more countries ion Earth than any other nation in history. And never once, have we not answered a call for help, ...never once. Has any one ever even offered us help. Now before a bunch of you get on here about the US only doing it so they can excert influence, wake up people! Every country in the world does that, and frankly I don't care what anyone thinks any more. We will find a way to fix what is broken in our nation because the system we live under allows us to change things and adapt, it even makes provisions for us throw out the government if we have to tear it down and start anew. What does you country have to rival with that?

I'm sorry about the rant, but Roger Waters is an arrogant ass, as far as I know from the things I've read, he always has been. Ask David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

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