Roger Waters on Veterans, Patriotism and 9/11



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This interview sucked. I don't want to hear Roger Waters' political opinions as I don't give a hoot what his obviously entrenched stagnant 70 year old beliefs are. I expected an interview about music not politics!



I also think Bill Marher..and Roger...are wrong. We can argue what flag you are committing your sins for. Obviously few people argue WWII, and rightly so. Vietnam? Iraq? I do believe we had good intentions. People so easily forget Saddam's atrocities. He DID have WMD and USED them. (see Kurds). But our men and women in Iraq did die and be gravely injured because the tried to NOT kill innocent people. We could have bombed the holy living sh!t out them, like Nagasaki or Nuremberg. Instead we chose to fiught global murderers while preserving innocent life. We fought- we died and were maimed.

We didn't get on a civilian plane and crash into innocent human cowards do.


It's all well and good to feel as if you're going into something commanded of you for all the right reasons, but when it comes out later that wars like Vietnam and Iraq were politically motivated and had nothing to do with those very valid feels you felt when you first signed up, that just makes it all the more tragic when in the end of it you've lost your friends, your limbs, your mind, your very life itself, etc.

I think it was far from disrespectful. If anything, it was honoring of those who did what they felt was right, whether or not that actually turned out to be the case after the fact. They paid their dues and much more.



The comment by Mr. Maher, now repeated by Mr. Waters in this article, is ridiculous and insulting to those who died that day. Slitting the throat of an unarmed person is about as cowardly as it gets. Crashing an airplane full of unarmed civilians is also cowardly. I cannot begin to understand the mindset that sees these actions as a legitimate means to an end.

In the print article, Mr. Waters goes on to complain about capitalism and inequality of wealth. All while staying in a 5 Star hotel and eating an expensive meal (which he acknowledges as "beautiful" but doesn't abstain from.) Maybe when he starts staying in hostels and eating at soup kitchens I can take him more seriously. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it is standard procedure for leftist ideologues to demand a certain type of behavior for everyone but themselves.

Not everything is fit for print. If this is the type of garbage that I can expect from Guitar World in the future, I will gladly let my subscription lapse.


Not sure what kind of mindset Triad999 is coming from, but Mr. Waters's statements are far from disrespectful and very well said.



Waters is complete asshole. How dare he talk about what he thinks veterans feel, and about vets being gung ho when they join because they're duped by the "propaganda we're all fed since we were small". Where does he get this crap, and what the fuck is wrong with you, Guitar World, putting something like that in print on Veterans day?!?!? How dare you all belittle the memory of he people that died so that you could write you magazine and he could play his music. If you think that freedom is truly free and anyone that believes in service of their country is being duped, than you are just as big an asshole as he is. Its one thing to disagree with an ideal its another to make sport of it and write it off as a bunch of hapless dupes following blindly. You don't always get to pick your fights when you sign up to serve and you don't always agree with the policies but you make a commitment when you sign to defend and to serve your country, Veterans don't need your pity or your understanding we'll still be there to protect you all from things that go bump in the night because some people are just made that way. There will always be evil in the world, and all thet need happen for it to triumph is for good men to do nothing. (Paraphrasing Theodore Roosevelt) Roger Waters has no right to say anything , especially about U.S. veterans. He has never served anything but his own ambitions. ...poorly.

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