Keith Richards Discusses the Making of The Rolling Stones' 'Exile on Main St.'



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I've been waiting for the Stones to go back to their roots and create some new classics, they haven't written a good one in what 20 or 30 years now. All that success and the money, living the good rich life uptown always seems to destroy the original raw creativeness of most everyone. I'd bet if they set that aside, went back to the low rent district and lived off a Bar bands wages for a while, became those starving and hungry for success musicians they once were, that it would all resurface. Fat chance of Sir Mick doing that.



They are doing another reissue of this? What happened to the one they did in 2010?


The reason the Stones stayed together I can tell Keith, the Stones were a live touring band, while other groups wasted their time in the studio making records that wouldn't sound right if played live. They are basically a bar band that plays very good Rock, Blues & Country & they hit it big but still play with the same temperment that made them in the first place. I remember Keith in '72 & he would look like he was still learning the guitar & drift off in his musical world & keep playing while Mick would be shooting him dirty looks because he kept going & miss a break for a chorus. That's what it's all about getting lost in your playing. My only regret is that he can never top his lead on Sympathy from Ya Ya's, it's never been the same since Taylor left.

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