The Rolling Stones Premiere Another New Song, "One More Shot"



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That's the point dudes!!! Sounding like late 60s or 70s. As a producer, Don Was was trying to keep them in that classic vein. It's not so bad. It's Mick and Keith. The world needs less cynicism from people like all of you who still watch VH1 classic and dream about missing your place on the stage playing live to hot women. It's only rock and roll, as Mick always said! Brett Warnelis in Florida-living the dream!!!



YAWN..... C'mon guys, it's been a great run (50 years) - but - time to hang it up......

When you run out of originality (this "new" one is a combo of "Street Fighting Man" + Keef's 'Don't Take It So Hard") it's really time to leave the music to others.



I agree with kenstee. I love the Stones, but it's time to call it quits. They gave us an insane amount of great music, more than enough. No matter how good you are, you only have so much juice. The well is empty, guys.


Starting to sound like late '60s early '70s

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