The Rolling Stones Streaming Unreleased Song, "No Spare Parts"



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That song was really awesome and it is nice to hear the stones sound like they used to when they made great albums. I always like Mick Jagger best when he has a bit of honky tonk in his voice.



That was actually better than some of the songs that were included on that album. I really think that "Some Girls" was the last good Stones album, so I'm interested in getting this repackaged version, even though it demonstrates how old I really am.


57 Stratman

I liked that song! Shades of the older Stones. I'm old enough to remember the original release of the the album in 1978 (and then some...), and as I remember back then a lot of people thought this was a very commercial representation of the Rolling Stones, and as such it wasn't very well received back then by the Stones older fans. I personally think this song should have been on the album, so when it's re-released, I will re-buy it!

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