Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert — Featuring Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani — Coming to DVD in December



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At the pinicle of the Rock pile there are those we know...Ronnie is one of those lights shining at the top of preverbial Christmas tree!
Not ever taking anything from Sammy Hagar who equally with his voice and banter stood tall with Phil Church and Denny Carmassi to make what was Our version of a Super Group of the likes of Cream and Led Zeppelin or The Who...Ronnie Montrose made my head snap back as what a PowerChord was mean't to do and Blistered my soul with his firey Lead Explosions! Well before I had any real idea that I one day would play guitar...Montrose helped set the stage for about Air Guitar before it was even invented...Ronnie Montrose was the Real Deal! Peace.

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