Ronnie Montrose's Death Ruled a Suicide



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I am stunned. But A LOT of people commit suicide due to depression. With the way The World is slowly going down the toilet, there are many people extremely depressed RIGHT NOW !!! Massive cuts in the U.S. budget in health care will only make people that are in a depressed state unable to get the medical attention they truly need or the stigma that accompanies mental health issues will stop them from seeking help. That is one pinata I don't want to be around when it breaks open.

Ideal situation: Support group of hundreds of thousands of depressed people think tank their collective situation and decide that a good way to alleviate their depressions is to physically exercise. So they march to Washington, D.C. and get their exercise in by mutilating/dismembering/killing all the assholes in the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches. That is a reality show I am sure many Americans wouldn't mind watching. I bet it would get great ratings as well...

If you never see another comment from me here on out please break me out of Guantanamo Bay. I'll be the one getting waterboarded.



You see, havin fame,fortune,fans doesn't make you happy,you have to be happy inside,never heard ronnies music but he was a musician and for that he has my respect



Well...this happens sometimes. As unfortunate and disheartening as it's still a fact of life. I used to be an EMT...I have seen several suicide attempts..some successful, some not. I also suffer from depression...divorced about 7 weeks, two little boys. I try to play guitar but I suck. Plain and simple. Can't concentrate, can't remember. Carpal tunnel in both hands. I wish I had a tenth of the talent, a tenth of the drive. I struggle through each day...some are better than others. I can understand what the family is going through. It has to be hard. I can't imagine checking out of my own accord and leaving my two boys with that legacy. Very sad sincerest condolences to the entire Montrose family...and my prayers as well. Hopefully...we will see Ronnie in the future. For now...Rest In are in God's memory.



Very saddened by this :'( . . .

Ronnie, we loved you and always will, your music keeps you alive to us all. I hope your Voyage will bring you peace.
My deepest respects to the Montrose Family.

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