Rumor: Bill Ward Fired from Black Sabbath?



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Just ask Iron Maiden, Billy Corgan, or VH1/SIRIUS radio rock jock Eddie Trunk if they think Sharon Osbourne is a manipulative douchebag. They would probably say yes but ask why was I being so lenient in my description.



Since when has Sharon been the manager of Black Sabbath? I know she is Ozzy's manager/master/owner but I cant see Tony letting her be the manager of the band. If this is true, she is the evil witch that Vince Neil said she was. Good luck Bill. I've seen you on a few shows, listened to many interviews with you and believe you to be a good person. If your not involved with the tour, I wont be going to see the show (thats if Tony is healthy enough to even do a tour). Speedy recovery Tony.

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