Rush, Deep Purple, Heart Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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Simple answer. If Lifeson doesn't care whether Rush gets inducted - fine. Take them out and put Thin Lizzy, an equally deserving band in their place.



WTF is a band called nigg(az?) with attitude doing with the word Rock & roll in the same fricken sentence LMAO .. Albert King is a legend but didn't play no rock & roll, Also Butterfield blues Band is Debatable, i thought they went soul after Bloomfiel left.



I wonder if GW has ever thought of making there own Guitar World Hall of Fame Museum. I think it would work, every issue on display, guitars and stuff from all the bands they worked with. Nobody knows more than these guys right here. I bet it would be better than this crap...


At least Kiss still isn't on the ballot. That's the only thing the HOF has done right!!!



If only, you bitter old fart: "I have no interest in going, and hope that we never will."

Of course, you SHOULD be in, but should also be allowed a self-veto: Stay the fu*k out!



Donna Summer??? Really??? Chic??? Really??? They are rock and roll? On what friggin' planet? Who's next Roy Rogers? Conway Twitty?
This is such a joke. Who cares?!?! I've been to Cleveland once, and once was enough. At least (that if inducted) Heart, Purple and Rush would show up without out the singer having a tantrum and be polite and appreciative to the audience.
Here's an idea, lets have Vanilla Ice perform Tom Sawyer, Justin Bieber perform Space Trucking and Katy Petty and Taylor Swift do Barracuda. For an encore Lady Gaga and Michael Bolton doing a medley of Working Man, Magic Man and Smoke On The Water. Now that's quality entertainment!



BWAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Now that would be "Quality Entertainment" watching those No Talent Clowns trying to perform some real Rock & Roll.


Pick the date for that line up and I will raise more than enough money for the air strike!


I believe it was Ian Gillan who said "Museums and Hall's of fame are for the dead and gone and Deep Purple is neither of those"

The HOF hasn't been valid since day one and the fact that they have rap/hip hop acts on the list just drive the point home.



They'll select Public Enemy, Chic, and Donna Summer, you just watch. Rush, Deep Purple, Heart and Butterfield Blues Band ain't got a chance because they actually deserve to be there. And where the hell is Stevie Ray Vaughan? An army from Texas should march to Cleveland and burn the place down.



Too little too late. None should show up.



RHOF=out of date Hard rock cafe at best....A Hooters without the girls but with guitars. A PURE JOKE!
Rush and KISS should have been inducted as soon as they were eligible.



Why do they call that place the Rock and Roll hall of fame? They induct more pop and rap bands every year. NWA? Public Enemy? These are not rock bands. BTW It is not a criticism of these bands to say they are not rock n roll. The so call RnR hall of fame is a joke, no one should take them serious.



I agree 100%
It has lost it's credibility and that is why no one cares about it .
Rolling Stoner magazine fodder at best.



So Chic, Kraftwerk and Donna Summer are Rock n Roll?

Jamie McCutchen

And still no KISS. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke, only an avenue for the owner to express HIS opinions in a bigger spot-light and make him seem more important. I mean, just take a look at this year's nominee list. Over half of those on the list have nothing to do with rock and roll and several of them are hardly worth mentioning regardless. I really wish someone would create a real Hall of Fame and let their peers do the voting, without some pompas ass forcing his opinions and influence over it.

A big F U to Joel Peresman and your biased HoF!



Rhof can go fuck itself. Rush are to good for the Rhof.

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