Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snub: "We Really, Really Don't Care"



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Tight but loose

In the Hall of Shame...
Madonna,the Ramones,The Clash,Blondie,Grandmaster Flash,Run DMC,Abba,Beastie Boys,Public Enemy,Donna Summer,Ricky Nelson,Dion,Bobby Darin,Frankie Lymon,The Orioles,Pete Seegar,Bill Monroe,Jelly Roll Morton,Del Shannon,Bob Wills,The Moonglows,The Flamingos,Talking Heads,and Herb Albert

NOT in The Hall of Shame...
Deep Purple,Humble Pie,Chicago,Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Scorpions,Rainbow,Yes,ELP,Little Feat,ELO,Boston,Doobie Brothers,Supertramp,Def Leppard,Roy Buchanan,Bad Company,Cheap Trick,KISS,Whitesnake,Moody Blues,Journey,Jethro Tull,Seals and Croft,REM,Grand Funk Railroad,and Foghat

What's wrong with this picture,anybody? Pathetic.



Rock and roll hall of fame is a joke. No point wasting anytime discussing it.



And what about Stevie Ray Vaughan? Us boys in Texas are really pissed he ain't ever been nominated. Rush definitely belongs. There are lots of bands more deserving than some that are there.



OK, so The rock and roll hall of fame vs. Rush.....????? In the immortal words of The Macho Man Randy Savage, "OH YEAAAA, WHAT A RUSH"... Frauds, Phonies, Pieces of SH**... you rotten bought off mother Fu***rs. You definitely do NOT speak for me or many others when you list the ones you include in your personal hall of fame, cause it definitely ain't mine otherwise they'd have been in a long time ago. I speak for the people of these United States when I say, RUSH, RUSH, RUSH, (COME ON PEOPLE SHOUT IT WITH ME) RUSH, RUSH, RUSH.
If you don't include them this next Ballot, I will personally start a petition for you to tear it down because it is supposed to represent the peoples opinion.....



Macho Man only said "Ooooh Yeah!" "What a rush!" was said by the Road Warriors. :)



This has always bothered the hell outta me, because Rush are simply the greatest band to come outta North America, and I say that as a life-long Deadhead.
I don't know who votes for inclusion into the Hall of Lame, And why the hell is it in Cleveland?
Methinks people are jealous because Rush, both in the studio and on stage, totally annihilate most of the competition. They made hard rock respectable, in a sea of otherwise three-chord, 4/4 boring bullcrap.



There is no such thing as a Rock and Roll hall of fame in this country. Because if there was a Rock and Roll Hall of fame it would have already included Rush and it would not include Run DMC. The problem is the name of that place in Cleveland, they have their name all wrong. It is some kind of hall of fame, Pop maybe, not sure to be honest do not care. But if is was Rock and Roll it would include Rush already.



I can understand Run-DMC being in the hall. They might be pushing it a bit by putting them in there but they have guitar riffs in their beats and they really combined Rock and Rap while staying more towards Rap. They are really the only Rap act that could possibly be in there. Now Madonna, that's a different story...



Rush = Class Act
RnRHoF nominating board = self serving pompous douchebags




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