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Articles about Rush

Hole Notes: The Acoustic Prog-Rock Riffs of Rush's Alex Lifeson

Progressive-rock was primarily a “British thing,” exemplified by acts like King Crimson, Genesis, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. That changed after three Canadians—guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist Geddy Lee and drummer Neil Peart—pooled their Led Zeppelin, Cream, Who and assorted “Brit-prog” influences and created the “art-rock” power trio Rush. ... …

Interview: Alex Lifeson Discusses Rush's Rock Hall of Fame Induction and Deluxe Reissue of '2112'

Despite an intensely devoted fan base and decades of massive success, Rush have been, for much of their career, regarded as the World’s Least-Hip Rock and Roll Act—the band of choice for adolescent boys mesmerized by 20-minute prog-rock epics, extravagant drum solos, and lyrics filled with tales of snow dogs, warring trees and French national holidays. ... …