'That Sabbath Sound': Black Sabbath Post Latest Behind-the-Scenes Video for New Album, '13'



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Mark, Sabbath released a statement last year stating that Bill requested the removal of his image from all material on their new website since he was no longer involved. Nothing to do with Sabbath re-writing history.



I have not heard any of the new material besides what they posted a little while back, and the clips from these "behind the scenes" episodes. Rick Rubin can go all day talking about how the sound is going to be reminiscent of the early 70's stuff, but if they don't cut out that crisp metal distortion, it doesn't matter how many riffs Tony has, it's not going to capture that sound. Get rid of all of those effects. Get a Dallas Rangemaster, an old Orange or Marshall, a 60's SG, an analog recording set up, and that's it. Just seeing the computers and pedal boards stirs up so much doubt. Wouldn't it also be so much cheaper to trim it down? I think these guys are disconnected. I don't know why. Rick Rubin was able to capture that sound in 1988 on Danzig's first record. Dumb it down, guys, dumb it down.



It's really too bad that the current members of Sabbath feel the need to distance themselves from Bill Ward by not including any photos of him in this video article.It's not as if he had no contribution at all to their incredible sound, or, that by omitting his image,they're going to make people forget who he is or what he brought to the table.God bless Brad Wilk, as it seems as though he's bringing a great performance to this new material, but he's got some mighty big shoes to fill.

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