Sammy Hagar Discusses New Album, 'Sammy Hagar & Friends,' and His Four Decades of Rock



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For a guy like Sammy Hagar with such an awesome voice, I wish he would shut the hell up about bashing Van Halen. Does he not think that many of the Chickenfoot songs were in Joe Satriani's "unfinished songs vault"....especially now that Joe has a real singer to work with?

Sammy just seems so insecure about himself always comparing himself to David Lee Roth, saying he can sing the Roth stuff but Dave can't sing the Sammy stuff....okay, you've patted yourself on the back, GOOD FOR YOU SAMMY!

The new Van Halen CD is awesome in its entirety with many brand new tunes as well as some modified, older unfinished tunes that are now complete. I'm glad we finally got to hear them and I'm sure Eddie and Dave are as well.
Just shut up and play some music for your fans Sammy. We wanna hear you sing, not bash Eddie and Dave while you stroke your ego.



Well my favorite material from Hagar is the stuff from Chickenfoot & Montrose I wish He would stick to making music with Chickenfoot. I had really good seats to see them last June, but missed the show cause my best friend died of breast cancer. Hope I get the chance to see them again.



P.S. There are only a handful of songs from the last album that were fleshed out from demo versions(which most people who can read know), as were several songs/riffs during the Van Hagar years.
I find it incredible that Hagar made those comments, as he seems to be the only musician in the history of the world who must write 100% new material every album (which really explains his awful lyrics), because everyone else has a wealth of leftover songs or riffs that come from creative bursts in their careers and evolve to be used later.
Eddie and the gang have literally done this on every album, but it's a surprise to Hagar?
Oh Spammy...



I don't know if it's possible to be more of a petty dbag than Hagar.
Every time he is interviewed he has to slam Van Halen.
This guy is worse than a knitting circle with his gossip. Who cares about this old lady talk?
Dude move on.
The press asks them all questions to try to spark a controversial comment, but Hagar is the only one who is so insecure that he has to sling mud.
If the new album was such a disappointment then why did it go all the way to #2 in the charts?
Van Halen is still selling out stadiums while Hagar is playing the 4pm afternoon slot at bingo parlors.
Go play some more ballads with Toby Keith (whoever the f that is)



I went to see Sammy Hagar's concert at the Minnesota State Fair. I am friends with some of his family and they hooked me up with Free tickets! He is a powerhouse singer and incredible songwriter, performer, entertainer,etc. He's a legend. We all have opinions about Van Halen, Chickenfoot, etc. I think Sammy's bands are always incredible. You really should read his book. I'm going to send him some songs that I wrote. Keeping my fingers crossed! :) 651-200-5273 or if you ever want to talk. I am building Guitar Highway LLC too!

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Burt Fleming

What an idiot!!! Sammy's new career is wishing he were still in VH. Every interview is "Eddie is a junkie. Eddie can't write anymore> Eddie can't play guitar anymore" all while Ed and VH are selling out arena gigs playing the new album while Hagar has 'get drunk, mas tequila' parties where he encourages you to get drunk so you'll forget how boring his show was.

I'm sorry Curlie but the Greatest VH Songs were not the ones you were involved with. Dave doesn't have to sing 'When It's Love' because he's not on his Red Rocker Period. Dave doesn't have to sing about having a girl 'Finish What She Started' because he would have already f*cked her a couple of times instead of sitting there with his little Red Rocker pathetically begging for it!

The saddest part of all of this is NO ONE wants Sammy back in VH except Sammy! "Hey I love Ed, he's a brother." one second, "Eddie is a miserable SOB" the next. Ed may have had health and substance issues but your bi-polar ass needs some f*cking therapy.



Wow... I was not always a Van Halen fan, but eventually I saw the talent, and just as fast, saw that all fade away, as quickly as I discovered it.

Hagar joining VH breathed new life into a dead band, but the cancer was Eddie Van Halen.

If Eddie would focus on what the fans wanted, the band would be a vibrant force in music today, but his selling amps and guitars, but not using the tools that are the Van Halen icon is also what ruined him.

Fans of the music don't *hear* the original (brown) sounds of the original Van Halen and by the time he realized that his son playing bass was not a selling point, and eventually "making good" with David Lee Roth was too little too late to save the dying brand.

Although admirable, only die hard reminiscing fans like you will hold the flame, but VH is now only a night light shining in a world that looks for brighter shining stars.

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