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Say Wah? Five Essential Signature Wah Pedals

Say Wah? Five Essential Signature Wah Pedals

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah

By now, you’ve probably guessed that this pedal was "designed according to the artist’s specifications," much like everything else on this list. And that is indeed the case for this pedal, Morley’s Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah.

Vai has a close relationship with Morley Pedals, and the company makes three Vai signature models: the Bad Horsie, Bad Horsie 2 and the Little Alligator volume pedal.

As any Vai fan knows, this pedal is named after "Bad Horsie," the wah-heavy opening track from Vai’s 1995 album, Alien Love Secrets. (Check out a video of the song here.)

The pedal features Morley's electro-optical design, so there are no pots (which tend to get scratchy and wear out over time). Another cool feature is that you simply step on the pedal -- as in, touch it with your foot -- to engage it, and then just step off the pedal for true bypass.

What does it sound like?

Check out the two audio samples below, both of which are from Morley Pedals’ official website:

Morley Bad Horsie Sample 1

Morley Bad Horsie Sample 2

You also can check out Morley’s official demo video for this pedal, featuring Tommy Bolan, below. (And feel free to watch this additional video by Gearmanndude, who reviews countless pedals from all makers, large and small.)

MSRP: $204 | Learn more about this pedal.


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