Scale the Summit Show You How to Play the Tapping Section from "The Great Plains"



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Yeah, I've been playing the guitar since high school. It's close to fall, and if recent history teaches anything, we'll be hearing Christmas music early this year. (I could vomit.) If you don't want to hear it – check out Trans Siberia Orchestra. Trans Siberian Orchestra, or TSO, is a full rock band, with full choir and 60 piece orchestra that performs mostly Christmas and classical music, with a hard rock edge. The band packs serious firepower – the two lead guitarists are Alex Skolnick and Al Pitrelli. What these guys have in common is a background in metal – and we mean METAL. Pitrelli replaced Marty Friedman in Megadeth, and Alex Skolnick scorched as the fret burning lead guitarist in the legendary Bay Area thrash metal band, Testament. (He practices what he preaches.) It might be worth payday loans to catch Trans Siberian Orchestra on tour.



just checkn it out!



u can watch this video all day but unless u know the tableture its useless cause trying to figure out every note would require replay after replay not including note values

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