Scientists: Pop Music Getting Louder, More Bland



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It's because it's what we do in America. We take something (anything), analyze it, take it apart, find out what makes it tick, boil it down to its' basic essentials until all the flavor and color is bleached out of it (much like our food) and it's just a pile of bland mush. Then we produce the crap out of it and market it incessantly to convince us that we need/want it.



Everybody knows that Lady Gaga sucks. The question is, does she spit or swallow? I'll bet she's a spitter.


In other news, scientists have figured out that the toyota prius isn't very fast. Thanks for telling us what we knew all along. If you include more famous rock and jazz records then it would definitely be more complex than it is now.


XGC Polaris

I'll stick with metal, thrash, blues, bluegrass and jazz. I've never been one for "popular" music, I always thought it was bland and repetitive. Our music hasn't gotten boring and bland; just listen to John 5's new cd "God Told Me To"



Probably because these so-called "pop artists" aren't created to make good music, they're manufactured by some douchebag Hollywood producer so that kids and other less intelligent people will easily be drawn in by their simplistic and digestible melodies and lyrics. It's basically just audible wallpaper for the ones that don't care about musical substance.

In short, it's a disgrace to music.



I could not have said it better myself. Well put sir.

T3h Shr3dd3r

When the majority of "Pop" music is being made with loopers, singers voices are being manipulated with computers, and groups are known only by the name of the singer, I would say Pop Music has become the very essence of soulless capitalism. The most money for the least profit.
The charts have been separated into different genres for some time now. Calling it Popular Music is just being generous. People yell at Green Day for selling out, when the stuff played in all the commercials and movies are from people that were always hooked to the corporate teat.
Lady Gaga tickets sell for over $100, while you can go see the Yardbirds in a small venue for just $25.
Musicians that care about the music rarely make it anymore. Just today I was posed with the question of what I was willing to do to make money as a guitarist. I was honestly confused - I didn't pick up the guitar to make music.
Yet, this trend is largely one happening in America. I've listened to some new stuff that is ultra popular in Japan, and it is really good. The musicians were having fun, and each member had an equal value to the group as a whole.
Contrast to here. I've listened to some Nickelback, didn't like it, and then contrived to find out why it was so popular. The members of said band had never gone through true tragedy or pain, and yet they like to style themselves as "grunge" Ditto to Coldplay. Both groups found a genre they liked, and decided to then use that label to make money. The songs themselves are cliche, and if you take the vocals from one, and play it over the music of another, you won't tell the difference.
Pop Music, and Popular music are, in this man's opinion, not the same thing at all. I like to think of Popular music as the timeless tracks that fans are willing to shell out $15 an album for. Bands that you learn all the members' names. I can name all four Beatles. Can you name P!nk's guitarist?
Having scientific proof that the music of today is largely trash? Priceless.



Yeah in general I believe what we call pop music today has been same for a while now, that's why people like John frusciante keep pushin boundaries to find different styles of music by using emotion to pull you in.I just listened to the new John frusciante ep letur lefr. The first track off it just sucks you in and you really don't know what to expect next. You can just feel the emotion behind it. And from what we know of him it is completely different to what we expect of him. He is a musical genius. No one seems to want to push those boundaries and keep searching like
John does.



Do you really need a whole team of scientist to tell you that pop music has lost substance?

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