'Second Coming': Stryper's Michael Sweet Discusses New Albums, Book and Tour



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Too bad they're not working on an album of original material. Oh wait...




I like the idea of a re-record. They've matured as musicians over the 25+ years since those early albums - it will be cool to hear how the songs have changed with them. Not to mention (as someone else already has) the quality will be much better. YABA was pretty pitiful in that regard.

Looking forward to it!




Man dude...you don't have to be so bitter. I've been a Stryper fan for a long time. Saw them in about 1984- passing out Bibles, right? Saw them a couple years ago, and they packed the house. Flawless playing, vocal harmonies- the crowd had a great time. REALLY into it we couldn't even get near the stage. And yes...they had new songs.

So what are your accomplishments, johnny? What makes you such the expert? Why so bitter and jealous? It's very unbecoming. Stryper's work speaks for itself. They are a still a viable and creative force. Your words fall very shallow and week, when compared to a club full of voices.

But hey..whatever helps you get through your day right?



Feel free to take it or leave it . . .

Jamie McCutchen

johnnycnote, you clearly have no clue of what you are talking about. If you had followed Stryper's/Michael Sweet's career then you would understand the reasons behind the re-recordings. And it's clear that you never listened to Murder By Pride either or seen them play live in the past few years. This band is one of the very few metal bands from the 80's and 90's that are actually better now than they ever were. Did you even read this article?



Yes I read the article. I also read the cover story in BAM back in the 80's when they signed their first contract. I remember seeing Michael Sweet on the cover, all dolled up with make-up trowelled on his face, a tube and a half worth of lipstick and hair teased up at least half a foot. I thought he was some kind of hooker until I saw the hairs on his chest. I remember their videos and a lot more about them than I'd care to admit.

While I appreciate their skill as musicians, I still reserve the right not to like their music and to criticize the state of the music industry that leads to their current state of affairs . . .



I actually thought the Murder by Pride album was pretty good.

Maybe they just didn't like some of the things on the previous albums and wanted to "update" them a little bit.
As a Stryper fan, I'm looking forward to the new album...even if they are old songs.



Are coming typo



That couldn't be farther from the truth because Michael had been recording music and making albums for many years now. What did he just forget how to wright new music? Murder by Pride and Reborn were two full length albums with all new songs so im not sure where you arecoming from. As far as rerecording new music i love hearing great songs with updated recordings. Let's face the older versions didn't sound so great and what I've heard so far is phenomenal! So in closing if you choose to speak at least have the facts straight.



I know, "Fans of the band's first three albums will be blown away with the freshness from new versions of songs", etc., is among the many standard justifications offered for an album full of old songs (well, there are TWO "new" tracks), but the central question remains unanswered: Why re-release a CD full of old songs to begin with?

Of course, the answer is obvious, if not admitted to: Because they can't write any new songs worth recording, except for the TWO new tracks. And how "new" are those "TWO new tracks"? The answer, once again, is obvious: not very. They're simply two more rehashes of the same shtick that Stryper has been doing for years.

A good insight is contained here: "Initially, we intended to make this record for our publishing company." In other words, they owed a record because of the contract they signed.

It's just as their hero said, ". . . forgive them, for they know not what they do" . . .

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