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Senses Fail Tour Blog, Part 2

When we wrote the Still Searching album, we wanted to add another dimension to our recordings. So to do this, Heath Saraceno and I used Reason 3.0, Garageband and Pro Tools to create samples and program different instrumentation to develop those new sound layers. The issue that comes about when bringing new elements like this into your music is how to recreate it all live. The songs “Priest and... …

Senses Fail Tour Blog, Part 1

We are a week or so into the first tour on our new album The Fire and things have been going incredibly smooth. The shows have been great; awesome crowds, the bands are actually good this time and no major gear issues. It makes one think if something like Great White 2 is going to happen later on in the tour. We don’t have pyro. Anyway, let’s talk gear. Up until this tour I had all of my... …