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Sept. 18: The Day Jimi Died

Sept. 18: The Day Jimi Died

What could possibly add to the enormity of Jimi Hendrix’s music legacy in 2009 — 39 years after the still-ruling sonic genius of electric guitar departed the planet?

How about an entirely new and unprecedented Jimi Hendrix guitar model designed by the Hendrix family and Gibson? This astonishing about-to-be-unveiled guitar brand is destined to inspire a new generation of players as well as the legion of musicians already under the influence of Jimi’s magical sound and style.

Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix talks about the new Jimi Hendrix model, the longstanding relationship between Gibson and the Hendrix family, and Jimi’s legacy — past, present, and future:

Why did you choose to work with Gibson to create the new Jimi Hendrix Signature Model?

JANIE: Creating this new guitar is continuing Jimi’s practice of giving back to people. He’d go to Manny’s Music store in New York to make himself available to young musicians or invite them to his studio to watch him record. He also gave away guitars or bought them for young players.

Part of the proceeds from the Jimi Hendrix guitar will be donated to the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, which is devoted to improving the quality of life for children, promoting artistic creativity, and world peace.

JANIE: It was our idea to approach Gibson in the beginning, after the positive experiences we’d had with the Flying Vs that Gibson made based on Jimi’s guitars. Our excitement inspired their excitement, and here we are, creating these new musical instruments. This is just the tip of iceberg. We want to have a whole line of Jimi-inspired instruments.


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