ServoBender Hybrid Replicates Sound of Pedal Steel Guitar — Demo Video



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I am a pedal steel musician, but besides my pedal steel guitar, I have many 6-string guitars, which I don't use very often, except for my gut-string guitar. Here's the thing, my pedal steel became my "lead guitar" many years ago, on which I do all lead guitar parts, be it Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz,whatever. Having studied music, and completed all my practical tests on pedal steel, I like to play "on the note" as indicated on the sheet music, without silly slides and bends into notes or chords, unless glissando or other ornamentation is indicated. Sure, bending strings, in country and rock vocals has a place, esp. with improvisation of solos etc., but instrumental music should be played as written, adding one's own touch when improvising during the say, 2nd or 3rd time bar, when one can cut loose, and do whatever one feels, provided one stays within the chord structure, ha-ha! And of course, provided the band can count bars and don't get lost during extended improvised solos. It happens!



That's cool! I'd like to have seen how it's controlled--how many pedals, what strings do they pull, etc.
About 33 years ago, I played with an artist who was produced by the late great Phil Baugh, who adapted an MSA pedal-steel pedal rack to his guitar. It had pulls on all six strings--I got to watch him play it several times. Amazing! Too complicated for me, though...I do have a Tele with a Parsons-White B-Bender, and I used to be able to manage that pretty well--but this looks like a whole different kettle of fish



That is great. Who\s is this. Who is making/selling them. Impossible for travel with a D-10 and this should very similar.

Tell us more !



So cool!

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