Session Guitar: Boost Your Creativity by Setting Limitations in the Studio



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Hi Rob,
Hmmm. Well 1st of all, we are talking about limiting tracks and if your Pro Tools is having a hard time running 8 tracks... there may be a bigger problem. However, the good news is there are always solutions! When you use your laptop, Pro Tools will run on the internal C Drive of the Laptop. Now, if you are not doing this next step, we may have figured out the problem! Do you record and direct your audio files to an external hard drive? Plugged into the USB? If not, time to start. 2 reasons: 1st of all The actual program you use likes to live on the internal hard drive, however, putting the audio files also on the same drive can really cause a problem with seek time. It is trying to read the files and run the software at the same time. All but the newest and fastest will have a hard time doing this. SO that is my 1st recommendation. Secondly, I often record basic tracks in my real studio, then I make a submix of the basic tracks, import them into the laptop, and only have a stereo track to add my new tracks to when I use my laptop. Never any strain at all, and I can just concentrate on what I am adding. Hope this helps and I appreciate the kind words and reading! I can always be contacted through my website at
have a swell day!



Thanks so much for the great suggestions and article once again! All of these articles are invaluable to the musician producing one's own music! I particularly am excited about you idea of splitting chords into two notes at a time and panning those! I am going to try this on the album I am working on! One question I do have is about recording on a laptop. I record with Pro Tools in my studio, but I have trouble running that on a laptop due to speed limitations and it locking up. Are there any recording programs or ways to do this successfully on a laptop so that it is portable like yours?

Thanks much,


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