Session Guitar: Demos of Three Common Studio Microphone Varieties — Large Diaphragm Condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon



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thanks for your effort....

many great blogs on this site but yours is truly one to read and learn from ......

love to see you to get into some out board pre-amps for us home dudes to try and get that pro sound with out lots of software plug ins.... I think the better the sound you have before it hits the computer the better....

Cheers to the first 50 blogs

cheers for the next 50....

enjoy a Guinness and be happy..



Thanks so much!!! I appreciate it!



Fun piece! And one that helps continue to prove why a $99 mic (aka the SM57) is the industry standard, go-to mic for recording electric guitars through amplifiers. The 57 is hard to beat in capturing "that sound," the one we all know as rock guitar. The mic is just naturally sympathetic to those frequencies. Little EQ necessary.

Of course, mic placement, arrangement and genre are all to be considered and can certainly nullify what I'm about to say, but you'd be hard pressed to sit either that Neumann or that Royer (both incredible mics) within a standard, full-band mix, flat, as they're recorded in the video and have them speak without using at least a high-pass filter to EQ out/roll off a good amount of bottom-end captured by those mics on that amp-guitar.

Expensive doesn't always equal best tool for the job.

Congrats on #50!



Absolutely! I am surprised no one noticed how the distorted sound on the Neumann is very much like deep purple and Sabbath from the 70's...they sure as hell used neumanns on gtr cabs in the 70's in England! Thanks for commenting Mr Bacino!

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