Session Guitar: How to Break Out of Boxes to Enhance Creativity



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Stephen Quinn

Great blog! Makes a lot of sense! When I was studying music, the workstations I had access to were located in basement rooms with no windows. At first it was easy to work on ideas in there, but after a while the feeling of isolation really starts to take effect and composition/recording starts to feel more like a chore. It became easier and more fulfilling when I started to be creative outside the studios and just used the workstations for final recordings. Having the ideas already laid out meant less time isolated in little rooms in front of a computer.

Also, I've realized a lot of rehearsal studios have rooms without windows, and many are located below ground, not really the ideal setting for inspiration and creativity. Ideally, most bands compose outside of rehearsal and use the limited rehearsal space time (usually 2-3 hours) for fine-tuning the ensemble as a whole.

Thanks for this advice Ron!



Seems they are always trying to hide us underground or in cubes!LOL! Try living isolated in a beautiful area in CT and working isolated! If I didn't get outside the studio, fahgetaboudit! Another reason I'm moving back to NY! Keep it up Stephen! Thanks for reading and commenting! It means alot!



John! First: I heard you and your group PUMP were excellent! Second: Happy New Year and Rock On! Miss ya and hope to be back in NY by Summer! Now here's how ya find time: Prioritize! Make it a priority. You'll do fine!



Good advice Ron, I'm always in those boxes, mostly #5. It's so hard to have peace and quiet to practice, learn material, or just play and relax.Maybe some changes are in order!

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