Session Guitar: It's All About Relationships



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Stephen Quinn

This post gives some valuable information. It is important to build and maintain a good relationship with people in a professional situation. It always brings good results in the long term. And if you can help a fellow musician in areas where they're not as strong as you, and begin to understand their needs, the relationship will get stronger.

I've been working with a female singer/songwriter for over 3 years now. She is an excellent singer, though not as fluent in theory as I am so its sometimes hard to convey ideas to other musicians. But after working together for so long, I have developed ways of understanding what she is looking for and delivering it, and the end result is always satisfactory.



I liked your post. Enjoyed the part about supporting indie music. I especially enjoyed the ending of the posted song (I've never heard that trick-of-the-ear effect before).

Brillant crossover effect and really smooth transition from the end vocal note to the guitar. I had to slide the song track back a few times to make sure that what I was hearing, was in fact, what I was hearing.

Truly, Nicely Done.



Thanks Chris!



A look inside the studio, not from the tech or gear side, but from the client relationship aspect. It was very refreshing to me. Good stuff!

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