Session Guitar: Maintaining Your Identity in the Session World



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This song is bad **s I was wondering what instruments you used guitars amps effects and if you played a keyboard as well as live drums how you tracked this how many tracks equaled this Mona Lisa of a production.



I appreciate you liking it! I played everything. Some live drums. Some samples of mine. All Line 6 HD500. Played a strat, ibanez rg121, rg 2550, line 6 jtv89. The acoustics are a yamaha classical mic'd with a beyer. Acoustic rhythm is an old ovation. Bass is from a motif and pads and strings from a triton and spectrasonic atmosphere. I believe there were about 26 tracks!. Not too hard.
All inspired by a red dress.
I called the dress the weapon!



Hey Ron, what different guitar effects did the hd500 use tp produce those amazing tones, I still can't believe i'ts not a tube amp, thanks.

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