Session Guitar: My New Year's Resolutions



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Do you really like your podHD500 enough to justify the selling of most of your amps ??

Is this piece of gear really THAT good ? Why ?

Happy new year to you too Ron !



Oh and Happy New Year! I'll be doing some video and audio demos of the HD soon!



2 reasons: 1. Yes the HD500 is really that good for my purposes at this moment. You have to dig into it and work to make it part of you, but yes it is that good! For me! And my uses and sound choice. 2. I NEVER use these amps anymore and they don't inspire me to play. Tastes and sound change, my tastes are different now. I WILL be shopping for more amps. Small in size. But they need the vibe that my current amps don't provide. Modeling amps I like better than standard tube amps. But I'm sure a good small Fender is in my future! As well as possibly some sort of combo with modeling. I am keeping a fender and vox. But the 100 watt half stack beasts are not for me. I want smaller wattage beasts! With a certain creaminess and distortion. It really is just time for a change. And the HD500 confirmed that!



My resolution is to learn the whole guitar fret board, is it too crazy?



Excellent resolution! And easier than you think! Pick one note and learn it in one place on each string. Then, when you know that, you will already know 3 notes! The notes 1 fret higher and 1 fret below! There are only 12 notes. Start dlow and work on it daily. Before you know it you will know the fretboard! And if you learn to sightread, it will help in every aspect of your musical future! Good luck and thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!


Hi Ron. Some good advice from you for other players in the session game or want to become session guys.

I especially liked what you said about being honest musically and being fearless. To me those two are vitally important.

I'd like to see more posts from you on session playing. I think a lot of players can get a lot of valuable tips from you.

Thanks again Ron.

Mark in Canada near Toronto



Hey Mark! Thanks for the kind words and I'll be talking about more real world sessions soon. In the meantime checkout the other blogs especially the nightmare session blog! You'll get a kick out of it! Love Toronto! And Old Quebec is one of my fav spots in the world!


My resolutions is simple, just play more. Play every chance I get, and MAKE time to play.



A fine resolution! I can't add anymore than I'm playing now! Thanks for commenting! Happy New Year!

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