Session Guitar: Recording in Multiple Locations Using Different Software



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Ron, Thanks for the reply. The info is helpful. My project is working out great. But i have run into issues between Pro tools and Logic. Is there a way to import the entire PT session into Logic? I keep seeing OMFI in my research, which basically exporting PT session as a midi file. Have you ever tried this?


Stephen Quinn

Thanks! This info makes online collaboration all the more easier. I'm going to purchase Logic Pro once I have some money saved. I'm going to create a home studio and make some professional recordings. It be great to collaborate with fellow musicians around the world.



Great blog! Question: I'm a living room GTR player who gets ideas for riffs and I want to quickly record my ideas on either an apple ipad 4th gen. or the new google/samsung nexus 10, which uses Andriod apps. I cant decide which tablet to buy. Does either one have an edge for the home GTR player as far as recording riffs?



Hey Dan!
Thanks for reading and commenting!
The main reason is WAV files are universal. Any softeare on a PC or MAC will open them. The time stamping was different on Pro Tools on AIFF a few years ago, but not sure anymore. It was a proprietary chunk of info. Made things difficult. ( May be different now) I don't use PT on a daily basis or as my main rig, but do own it, just in case. But WAV files or will work everywhere. I call them the bisexual mistress of the recording world! Goes both ways...PC and MAC!
Good luck on your projects and keep in touch!



Hey, first thanks for the blog, it's been real helpful in working on demos for my band and on songwriting in general.
I'm about to embark on a recording project just like you explained. Why use WAV files, instead of AIFF?

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