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Matt Bachand Tour Blog: Hitting 13 Cities With Shadows Fall

April 24, 2012: So begins the epic journey to Nashville to begin the first tour for Fire From the Sky. After packing the gear and piling into a van, a 12-hour drive took us to Niagara Falls. A night at the casino and a little sightseeing got us started for day 2. More driving and boredom and we cashed in night 2. ... …

Dear Guitar Hero Online Exclusive! Shadows Fall’s Jon Donais and Matt Bachand

   You guys are totally inspiring players. What influenced you to first pick up the guitar?—Ian HandJON For me it was a lot of pop metal bands of the Eighties, like Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row… Even before I played guitar, I remember being six years old and seeing a video of Steve Vai from David Lee Roth’s Eat ’Em and Smile. They made it look so over the top. That’s really what made me want... …

Shadows Fall Lesson: "Still I Rise"

Shadows Fall guitarists Jon Donais and Matt Bachand show you how to play their new single "Still I Rise," from 2009's Retribution. writeFutureVideo({configEmbed:'/video/playerConfig.php?playlist=1&align=bottom&viewportWidth=452&viewportHeight=373&embed=0',playlistEmbed:'/video/generatePlaylist.php?&tags[]=still+i+rise',width:'452',height:'543'}); …