Shut Up & Jam!: Ted Nugent Discusses New Album and His Kamp for Kids



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Now that the obligitory douchebags have thrown in their two cents, I suppose someone should say something worthwhile. Bottom line, this is another great album from one of the greatest rock guitarists. Ted has proven over and over that he is a very talented and versatile guitarist, and this album is no different. It delivers a kind of crunchy but upbeat sound that deviates from his typical offerings, but still stays true to his own unique style. There will always be those who, for some reason, feel threatened by The Nuge, but he has proven once more with this album that he will only continue to get better.



For a publication that is supposed to cover guitar music, you are boring me with your repeated promotion of this inbred, draft dodging, pedophile/rapist hack. Ted hasn't played anything fresh since the hippies who he ripped off were still on the scene. He stole every cliche riff he knows from people who would consider Ted a pitiful joke if they were around to see. Therefore, "guitar world" is a joke. Who is the publisher now... Ted's slutty wife? Or has he chosen another underage girl to rape for his elderly years? Someone to change your old man diapers?



Ted is still a piece of dogshit

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