Sick Licks: A Dark Mix of the Straight Pentatonic and Blues Scales



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Yeah, I kinda agree with you guys to a point. He talks about "beginners" not being able to hear the difference between minor pentatonic and minor blues scales. Maybe after 20 years I haven't developed a sophisticated ear, but at that speed I can't pick out overall tonalities either.

I like reading what he says for each of his lessons but when I hear him play it, the solo just sounds like a flurry of notes like his previous lessons. I do believe that this style of playing could be added to a solo in spots to spice it up, but I couldn't listen to an entire solo comprised of this.


The Shred King ...

Please, a show of hands for anyone who can actually play this.



dam does any one play chords any more .dam wacking off is ok when you playing around at home.thank god for the who-led zepplin -the beatles-the rolling stones and old 60's and 70's music



1 note from BB King is worth more than a 1000 from this dude. I'm so "un-impressed" by players like this guy.



I can admire their technique, but I can't listen for about a minute of this before i get bored.

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