Gene Simmons Talks About Setting His Hair on Fire and Convincing Eddie Van Halen Not to Join Kiss



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Tight but loose

I'll call him a liar and a greed monger and a capitalist pig who sold out to everything corporate. He is the opposite of everything rock and roll is supposed to be about. There is a line in "Almost Famous" where Phillip Seymour Hoffman accurately describes Simmons and his like. As far as EVH wanting to join KISS that's BS. In Dave's book Dave talks about Simmons coming around trying to sway EVH into KISS. Given the talent levels we're talking about with EVH being a genius and Simmons being a suit, I believe Dave. And I used to be the biggest KISS fan.



Hmmm… EVH comes to Gene Simmons and asks to be in KISS. I'm not going to publicly call Gene a liar, but this story is apocryphal.

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