Slash to Appear on New Steven Adler Solo Album, Comments on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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dont want a reunion
slash is still a killer player ,better than ever
and axl is just a sad old man with a shitty voice


57 Stratman

It would be great if all of GNR could put aside all the bullshit for at least a brief reunion show for their induction, but I don't hold out any hope for an actual reunion of the band on any sort of full time basis, because there are at least two alpha personality's that can't seem to get past themselves for the good of the band as a whole. Mr. Rose has always had the attitude that the whole world should revolve around him, and until he can get over himself, he will never be able to be a band member. Because to be a band member means putting the needs of the band ahead of your own, and he is far to selfish for that. But that being said, Axl isn't the only problem, Slash has a touch too much pride, and self adoration working in him as well. I sincerely doubt they will ever be able to get over the past, in order to be able to get on with the future as GNR. Too bad, because it's us fans that are losing out, not the rich boys of GNR. Just like the fans of the Beatles, Black Crows, Oasis, and countless other bands that start out great, and then implode because of childish differences of opinions that escalate into near hatred. Grow up children, remember, without your fans, you have no buisness.

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