Slash, Dave Ellefson React to Death of Guitarist Ronnie Montrose



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Awesome guitarist who didn't get the $$$ like some of his peers but just read all the famous people that have commented on what an influence he was on them and you realize how prominent he was.



I was lucky enough to see Ronnie at winterland in san francisco in the 70s as a teenager several times, he was a god then with tone and power that was matchless in my mind. i remember he had a small circular ramp no more than 2' high...he would walk up that ramp and awe the crowd. RIP Ronnie.


57 Stratman

Damn; another of Rock and Roll's great guitarist's goes to that superband in Heaven. You will be sorely missed Ronnie, by those of us that are old enough to have had the distinct pleasure of hearing your sublime guitar. Rest in peace Bro, I can't wait to get to Heaven, because that band just keeps getting better and better.



Our band open for him a long time ago, and we were in awe. Even then he was a legend. I was just a skinny, dorky kid with a Les Paul and he went out of his way to make us welcomed. His playing had a huge influence on me, thirty plus years later "Bad Motor Scooter" is still one of my favorite songs to play. One of the coolest guys ever. He will be missed.

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