Slash on Guns N' Roses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction: "We’re Not Playing"



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theres so much animosity between everyone else in the group and whiny rose that they would probably end up in one big brawl before the song was finished. Slash is such an easy going guy, I mean ,he must be cuz I think anyone else would have kicked Axls ass by now. I mean, this dude ruined some very talented peoples careers. I wish he could be made to drop the GNR name. Axl knows that without the name he will be forgotten. I love how Slash is still kickin out some great rock n roll and axl aint hittin on crap.lolololol. Dont you just love it too axl. You know its freakin eatin you alive dude. hahaha



If I were Slash I'd be tired of talking about it too. He's better off without the constant pain in the rear that is Axel Rose.



I agree. Axl is an asshole if there ever was one in Rock and Roll. I'd sure like to see SLASH give Axl an 'El KaBong' with one of his Gibson Les Pauls though...

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