Slash Previews New Song, "30 Years to Life" — Listen



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When I first heard this band on guitar center I was surprised how good they sounded. There could be more metal riffing slash style though.



Without a doubt the best album slash has ever been involved with is the one he did with iggy pop and lemmy. To follow it up with that hideous miles kennedy album, was as bad as seeing a group of musicians so talented fronted by someone as awful sounding as axle, to do it again by picking miles, & to do a second album? Slash you've always been super cool (please shower before you go out man, come on) and your dad Tony is awesome, loved talking with him whenever I saw him. But you are a write off. Another super talented dude who only plays on albums with frontmen I can't stand the sound of. Please just start putting out solo instrumental albums.



Did anyone notice how onitakezo used the letter - "I" - in her attempt to sound like an actual insider; that's pretty funny. Although it gave us a good chuckle, like this post, no one really cares. onitakezo, your comments were hateful and projects nothing but jealously. Please feel free to post your website supplying...EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD...your vast body of music to criticize.

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