Slash Ultimate Cover Artist Contest: Guitar World Editors Pick the Top Five Videos



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There were a lot of more talented people on YT... These guys were randomly picked for sure. For me the winners who deserved to win were Sley (watch?v=nVDcGOvmOtI) or James (watch?v=-w53noPw2sA).
I definitely hate music competitions!


James Bell

Thank you Corentin!! I hope Slash sees this !! :-)



As someone who actually entered this contest, I am happy with the choices they made. I learnt the song as best I could in a few hours before it closed, repeated many times, made too many mistakes and just entered a section that was semi-listenable. I got dressed up as Slash and had a go - it was fun.

These guys they have chosen also had fun. No, they are not technically brilliant or comparable to Slash, but they gave it a go and there is no pretence about their entries.

I like the 3rd video personally.(should have used my Slash sig epiphone,but had a string broken ;)) Anyway for what it's worth here is mine:

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