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Articles about Slash

Slash Chooses State Line Empire as Guitar Center's "Your Next Record" Winners

Guitar Center and Slash have announced San Mateo, California’s State Line Empire as the winners of Guitar Center Presents Your Next Record with Slash, a first-of-its-kind unsigned band competition. After sifting more than 12,000 entries, Guitar Center and Slash hand-picked State Line Empire to receive the ultimate career-altering opportunity: record a three-song EP with legendary producer Mike... …

Slash Unveils Signature Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop guitars has announced the new Gibson Custom "Appetite" Les Paul Guitar: a limited-edition guitar made to honor Slash, and the same model that he used to record his recent solo album Slash. The guitar will be sold at Guitar Center, which will carry both the hand-aged and signed model along with the VOS (Vintage Original Spec) version. ... …

Dear Guitar Hero: Slash

The "Sweet Child O' Mine" riff mangles my fingers every time I try to learn it. Do you use some kind of secret technique? -Matthew SteeleThere's no secret technique. That's just my pick-up-a-guitar and fuck-around-with-it style of playing. That whole riff was just a mistake-a joke, really. To this day, I find it incredibly ironic and hilarious that it turned into a song, especially such a... …