Slash Exclusive! The Truth About Weiland



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Biff Malibu from Gluecifer would be great
in Velvet Revolver :)

An awesome rock voice and he always gives 200 %.



Velvet Revolver freakin rocks but the thing is that like some of the songs on the 2 albums sort of sucked but I like velvet Revolver better then GNR because Chinese Demachracy Sucks it is the worse album GNR could ever come out with and that is my comment



velvet revolver had already jammed with the guitarist and the singer from Buckcherry and the guys didn't click. Slash and Duff didn't really like how the singer sounded. I personally think that Axl needs to stop living on planet Axl and get the greatest band in the world back together



It's always been my humble opinion that Scott Weilands' style didn't fit with the music of Velvet Revolver. I'm not sure who would be the best replacement out there, (certainly not an Axl Rose clone) but if they take the time they can do MUCH better! This may sound stupid, but, what's Vince Neil doing these days? At least his style and sound seems better suited to VR's style and sound and brother...they have the sound and the groove to keep them at the top. Rock On Velvet Revolver!!!



Weiland is a loser, you're better off without him, Slash!'re making millions of dollars traveling around singing songs to people, why do you have to act like a douchebag? Can't you just enjoy it and get along with people?



Some people cut off their nose to spite their face. SW was lucky to have the opportunity to sing with such pros! He looks like a spaz on stage. He'll be dead in a year or so anyway. What an idiot! SEEEEEYA



Let's throw Axl Rose in there while we are at it with the rest of the potential singers!



I liked velvet but he belongs in STP.Their are a ton of good singers out their who would blow him away.Slash,Duff,and Matt are great but not sure about that Dave guy.Find a singer who can stay off the H and youll have a great band.



Luckily STP is getting back together, so VR can move on w/o Scott. What VR needs is someone that kicks ass. Scott doesn't have that kick-ass mentality. He's a glamour rocker. Cornell is great, but still not the right fit (vox are too glassy). Get someone with strong gritty vocals and a bad-ass persona. Not a jerk mind you. Someone that has that calm cool.



Saw VR in September @ Santa Barbara county bowl. Great band however Scott and his voice just don't match the music. He sounded fine in STP but he's no Axl. With all his baggage he is probably a bit tempermental as well. I think reforming STP would be better for him. Slash, Duff and Matt need to move on and get themselves a great singer. Somebody with a more unique voice to make the music stand out the way Axl did. I hate saying this but VR's music just sounds so generic. It doesn't stand out the way G & R did and its still the same great musicians. Best of luck to all involved.



Personally I think that Josh Todd of Buckcherry would make an amazing frontman for VR!!! He has that over the top, I don't give a f**k attitude... I do agree that Chris Cornell would make a great addition as well



Yeah I liked Scott's vocals with VR! I agree that Chris Cornell would be a great contender for the new VR singer :) Unless Soundgarden reformed... but I doubt that'll ever happen! As long as VR don't do a Super Nova Rock Star show to recruit the new singer! Then I'm sure they will get someone good who can do the job and fulfill the role! Slash RULES!!! \m/



i'd like to see VR do a project with Cris Cornell.



I'd like to hear their new stuff; with or without Weiland. And to the person above me, learn some fucking grammar.



Scott Weiland can sing very good but, it sounds like he still acts like a little kid and can't play well with others. Slash has the most Rep. in the band not saying the other members don't but come on Scott Weiland grow up then try to join a Rock N' Roll band.



YO Slash is fn awesome Weiland does sound like a kid but thats just him I do too but im just 13 but together they sound awesome when Slash was with Guns n Roses he was the best.He should do agig with Eddie Van Halen That would be frakin awesome


as far a front man, what about mike dean of corrosion of conformity? not to tear bands apart but it would cause even more pain to me to see this marshall driven gut to get the chorionic life sucked out by psychiatric issues of front men.


weiland was the weak link in VR, i never liked him. VR didnt have the look that made GNR what they are now, in my opinion the way that any human wear his cloth is what makes him who he/she is, so quit wasting time and rock on, find a cool guy that wanna do the hard work, find someone thats aint drunk or wasted, find someone thats in this world someone that can face life.

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