Slayer Release Statement Regarding Split with Drummer Dave Lombardo



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K. King is a tool. Has always acted like one and proved it here.



That is really too bad, bands allowing money and lawyers to come between them... Greed instead of music. As an aside, until Dave returns to the metal scene, Jason Woito of Torture for Pleasure has the fastest feet in the biz!



Never thought Tom and Kerry would turn into Gene and Paul. Slayer is now the metal version of KISS.



That's too bad, I'm not a Slayer fan but I think Dave's work with Grip Inc. was just stellar.


Samuel L. Chang

I'm inclined to believe Dave, because he has a reputation and is known to be an honest, down to earth, and credible human being, unlike anyone else in Slayer. Dave is a versatile player and he doesn't need to do this gig because quite frankly he's better than Slayer. Slayer would not be where they are without Dave, because he covered up a lot of the deficiencies in Slayer's music with his stellar drumming. I wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do, but he doesn't need it because he's widely respected and plenty of musicians would love to work with him, unlike anyone else in Slayer.



Never been a Slayer fan...but guitar wise, I always thought Kerry was overrated. Lombardo on the other hand, is rock solid. Metallica playing Battery with him is awesome to hear.

I'd like to hear the whole story on this, but I'm willing to believe Dave is being honest here. Didn't he leave Slayer a long time ago for not being paid? Basically same stupid reason.

I wish Dave luck. I am pretty sure we'll hear from him again, as he is too good of a drummer to be sitting around. Someone will pick him up. Just listened to some of Slayers tracks on Spotify...he's too good for that band. Rock solid double bass.




The information you linked to was already reported yesterday and mentioned by Guitarworld. The new article above is Slayers response to Lombardo. At any rate it's sad news



With all respect, this article is so incomplete. Please read this one.

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