Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan "Pisses On" Radiohead, Praises Ritchie Blackmore



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Sounds more Billy Corgan (or as I like to call him "Uncle Fester's winey cousin") is jealous. Where does he get off talking about "pomposity". You listen to him, everything that hack has done he thinks is brilliant. Which if funny considering that he's made a career out of ripping off My Bloody Valentine. He wouldn't know an original idea if it sat on his face. Even this stratagy of talking shit shit about musicians who are successful in order to drum up attention for themselves. A tactic already exploited by the likes of the Black keys and Iggy Pop. Why can't washed up douche bags like Billy Corgan (and Iggy Pop for that matter) just slip back into obscurity and stop annoying the world with their self indulgent crap.

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