Something Guitarists Can Learn from Drummers: The Art of "Recovery"



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Excellent article! When I taught guitar, this is a concept I taught. I didn't call it recovery. It was an exercise to help develop rhythm and playing in time. It is especially beneficial to beginners. At least the ones that are willing to practice and stay with it.

The method I used was to fret the sixth string at the 5th fret and start with whole notes while starting with a speed on the metronome that the student was comfortable with but still challenged to stay in time. We would play whole notes for 4 bars then half, quarter, eighth, triplets all the way to 32nd notes.

I found that the students that practiced it diligently would progress by leaps and bounds over the ones that did not. They were certainly better rhythm players than most and nearly all of them became extremely capable and outright awesome lead guitarists!


Hey Thanks man! The time table gets tricky when you start to get into 5 and 7 note groupings as well!

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