Song Facts: The Beatles — "Get Back"



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@ZOT Zin Music, they were definitely the most influential ever and some of the best songwriting too. honestly I prefer Zeppelin and the Stones to them for casual listening or what have you but yeah they are the creme de la creme. I bring up the comparisons because you always see Beatles vs. x, y or z band. it's all apples and oranges but I see a lot of people dismiss the Beatles as a chord strumming pop band. those are the people who have never picked up a guitar because I've found their songs very challenging and even frustrating to play because of the mastery and craftsmanship they put into their music.


ZOT Zin Music

Hi Damian,

Always fun to read about The Beatles: to my feel still the best rock band ever. Fantastic song writing, huge cultural impact and an enormous influence on music. They are definitely one of my favorite rock bands. I am a guitar teacher in Los Angeles and use many Beatles songs to teach various songwriting techniques to my songwriting students.

I liked your blog: great writing and very informative mate. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more of your writings.

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