Song Premiere: Jacky Vincent — "Maybe I Am a Wolf"



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The beginning measures were building up to something great, but ended horribly with exercises rather an agreeable solo engaging more to the verse. I know fast solos, apreggios, sweeps,taps etc... are entertaining, but there is a difference between noise and creativity.
I bet if you asked the artist what key were you in,and are all appregios,licks and scales played written in notation there would be a fuss. My guess is that someone else would have to sound it out and do the work for them. The song could have been an outstanding peice of art if it was given more time,with added revisions, it was as if they were in the studio and layed down the track in one take and decided it was good enough without any second thoughts.


damn man are all you naysayers guitar world readers? i think this guy smokes on guitar.....if you see it is from shrapnel than this is what to expect......more scales and arpeggios......what else would you expect?



Sounds like maybe Vai or Satriani just doing some warm up exercises backstage to loosen the fingers up before going out and playing some music. This isn't music and it didn't melt my brain. What's the big deal, just some shredder practicing. And he released this on a CD?



Agree, no creativity except for the hype they were given by critics.



Kept waiting for the singing to start.....

Maybe I should play this backwards? Maybe not.



Wow. This is one of the silliest instrumentals I've heard in a long time. 1:01 - 1:30 is a joke, right? "How fast can you play a scale"? Is that the idea?


More scales and arpeggios. Just what we need.



Sounds kind of actually painful from :53 to 1:03.
Sounds like his fingers don't know where he is bending, and the fretting out on the high bend doesn't even sound cool like it did when Page or Hendrix did it. Definitely super speedy, but when he slows it down... ouch. Malmsteen has 4,000 times the feel and melodic sense of composition, and can play a single note beautifully, as well. This definitely sounds like an alternate picking scale and sweep lesson, and if you like that stuff, then hey that's awesome. No offense Mr. Vincent. Everyone has different tastes.



The "song" is perfectly represented by the shape of the waveform - a long erect penis. I love shredding, but this is less tasteful than even Rusty Cooley.


That comment made me laugh a little more than I probably should have.



If someone said this album was lost for 25 years in Mike Varney's vault and he's just found it no one would have noticed. This album looks more like a tribute than anything else. I don't want revolution, but at least some evolution to bring something exciting and challenging to our ears.



"Maybe, But It's More Likely You're A Paul Gilbert-wannabe"



"Face meltingly" fast for sure. And of course with the de rigeur bumble-bee guitar tone that makes this style possible in the first place. He will no doubt become a legend among shredders.

But from 1:03 onward there's virtually no melodic content, nothing memorable. It's all "cadenza".

Sorry, but even the simplest Buck Owens polka or Link Wray trash tune has more humor, feeling and melodic interest. And has given and will continue to give more listeners more pleasure than this ever will. No one in the "outside world" will ever hear of this guy.



Extreme speed and technique. Honestly sounds like a video game at this point. Shark has been jumped.



Can you dance to it?



Not much of a song. By comparison, this makes all the Mike Varney Shrapnel Records stuff sound much better.



Well, he's fast. No doubt about that.


Technique is flawless, and faces are melted. Doesn,t sound like a tune, rather a vehicle to show amazing playing.

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