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What can I add after the most eloquent soliloquy penned by Sir John Zwerenz? (An American Treasure for certain!) i humbly try:
Sire Bacino may very well be the one vestige of song penning uniqueness still existing in the popular craft of modern musical culture. His every quatrain may be deemed an expression of truth untarnished in these superficial, flaccid and mundane musical times. The very breath of his unjaded and all too few pop diamonds can be studied for years on a university level, yet understood and remembered by waifs simply hearing the melody for the first time. Such is the genius of the mad and drink of the poet! For those baptized by the fire of his gaze,as his all too few performances can attest, he knows more than we. For we are truly mortals and dare not tread where the pure of spirit dare.
Oh yeah...he can write a fucking tune. Yeah.



The Timeless Genius of Mark Bacino / April 2, 2013

Mark Bacino's consistently objective perspectives on the art of songwriting have made him one of the most important voices in the broad arena of modern, American musical commentary. Bacino's incredibly perspicacious artistic insights never fail to benefit his readers. He is a literary sage and is eminently well-acquainted with all of the aspects of composing, recording and producing music. All of Bacino's paragraphs are rich with technical know-how and are combined with a rare and profound, creative genius. Such literary virtues dominate his articles in Guitar World, as in his other publications such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, or IVC, another fascinating series on sonic creativity.
Bacino will be featured in the 2014 edition of The Songwriter's Market, the highly esteemed national standard for so many nascent and aspiring songwriters. Bacino was signed to a prominent indie label and his debut album, Pop Job is an exciting testimonial to the depths of his abilities to write timeless melodies in the pop/rock genre, the likes of which have not been heard since the days of The Beatles' Rubber Soul. Bacino is currently commencing work on a new, dynamic record consisting of all-original material. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and he possesses an almost operatic voice. He currently resides with his family in New York.

~ John Lars Zwerenz

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