Sound Advice: Introduction and Tips on Live Monitoring for Guitarists



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Hi Matt,
I play clean guitar alot, jazzy and pop stuff, sometimes with alot of overdrive with a Fender DeVille Combo Amp w/2x12's, and vintage Gibson SG. We don't mic, and drummer plays very loud for pop band - I set up right next to him. I got the DeVille, because it seemed like it would project low-end tone out in the room as well as the highs. I've discovered on an outside job that all I'm getting out front is too much highs and not enough Low-end tone. How can I get a nice clear sound, with plenty of low end tone OUT FRONT without being boomy since I'm not mic-ing thru the PA? Is there any other way than a huge sealed cabinet? Would one or two small sealed 12" woofers work for guitar? Could they be two seperate sealed 12's and facing out toward the far right and left? In fact, would small PA speakers work or would they tend to blow?
Thanks in advance - Richard

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