Special Report: Gibson Fakes Flood The Market



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As a Gibson and Epi owner I have a respect for the old world quality and sound of the real thing. Some months ago I had the pleasure of playing a real Gibson Ace Frehely Les Paul. Super distortion and a real fast neck. But sadly with a $4,800 price tag I had to wait. I had read about the China copies but could not resist the low price $150 + $100 shipping. The copy is near perfect in looks and feel but the sound is exactly what you would expect - fair - not bad just fair. The PUs were not Demarizo's so I replaced them with the real thing. Two DP100s (neck and Center) and a DP103 for the bridge. The next step was to replace the pots with 2 300k and 2 500k Gibsons with orangedrop caps. Fantastic results! Do I feel guilty? NO! This axe may be a copy but it sounds like the real thing! With all of the crap about China junk I was a bit worried about the wood and workmanship but it is a great looker and player. Since my Epi Les Paul is made in China (a Gibson owned company) whats the big deal? I love my real Gibsons and shelled out the cash in a big way for them. This fake Gibson (with my Mods) is every bit as good as the real thing except it was $4,300 less! Two of my friends have had me score an Ace Frehely Gibson copy for them with my mods done on them and they too are happy Counterfit Gibson Fans.
Remember the Burny, Aria, and Kalamazoo Lawsuit copies? They now go for as much and more than the Gibson originals! So it really is 6 to one and a half dozen to another!



Hi all I know this article is an old one and of course I found out about this information all but too late,since June 11th 2008 I've have done investigation after investigation,searched for information read forum after forum on this subject(that being counterfeit guitars of all types)and Gibson guitars being one of the most recognized,and more often the most reproduced or counterfeited guitars of all the overpriced guitars out there.
I've come to a couple of conclusions that have left me with more questions than answers,but I suspect there's more to the picture than meets the eye here.
Counterfeit guitars seemed to be all the rage in late 2007,or it would seem to me that this was a major problem to say the least,its now 2008 and this seems to be an on going problem one that I myself was not aware of until June 9th 2008.
I have been off of the net for some time and the closest thing to counterfeit guitars that I'd heard of were the real Gibson,and Fender re-issues being antiqued and sold as real 1958 Gibson's or what have you.
A relative and I were on Ebay and I showed him an aucton for a guitar that I figured was an Epiphone or somoe other near beer style of a Gibson EDS-1275,it was a buy it now auction and I bought it there and then.
Latter that night I decided to do what I usually do and saved the entire auction page to my documents just for reference I then opened one of the pictures which were grainy to start with,in preview in windows photo viewer I noticed this was not some standard copy nor an Epiphone,the logo read and not very clearly but its there,Gibson!?
Right away I went looking for answers nothing to be found on Gibson releasing some down scaled economy priced EDS-1275 double neck guitar,what I did do was trip into a forum that just happened to to be on fake Gibson guitars.
Since this discovery I've been in contact with Gibson both via email and phone upon speaking with a customer service rep from the Gibson guitar company I walked away from it feeling as if though there were no real concerns at all with counterfeit guitars,as far as Ebay there's no doubt in my mind that they could care less who getts ripped off and they are in fact hands down cattering to crooks of all sorts.
I voiced my concern about this issue after I noticed the seller listing what I thought to be the same item over and over again,this after not even contacting me to discuss what maner of shipping he would be using ,or when he was going to ship the item.
Ebay was so concerned that six days latter they got back with me about my begging to suspect this guy to be a scammer who had just stolen $645.00 from me via paypal.
By this time I'd gotten an answer from the seller he just wanted to assure me he got his money,by this point I wanted to know if he was selling counterfeits,or even had this guitar he had just collected funds for so I asked him if white was the only color he had in this guitar?
No answer,no surprise to me as I'm sure he was crossing his fingers hoping I'd say nothing to him wait two weeks and then listen to an excuse or two until I had no recourse with Ebay or paypal.Three days latter they pulled his listings which were one day buy it now auctions(or fly by night auctions)and so it starts.
I've since put this situation into a claim with paypal and the fellow I've put the claim against is still operating,and even though Ebay told me that I was no longer obligated to purchase this item as they had pulled his listing for it,they assured me when he relist this guitar that I can bid on it again :-).
I though how nice these ebay people are so caring helpful and concerned for the buyers protection and their satisfaction with a smooth transaction that their actually going to give everyone another chance to get ripped off how kind.
What I've come away with from all of this is that Ebay doesn't mind catering to criminal activity in their auctions just so long as they make a profit from these criminal acts and they will all but come right out and state this to be a fact because their sure dong it,and thats a fact!
But I still hadn't pieced together the attitude of Gibson until I started to put thought to it,in most of the forums that I read all that I got or came up with was a bunch of people making what pretty much could be summed up as some patriotic non-since that sounded like some school girl vying for the full attention of the school jock.
One would be wise to put thought to at least three people who stated that they owned them and had no complaints about them,but two statements I found brought me to suspect something that I'd overlooked when thinking of how this was undercutting the Gibson guitar corprotion.
Two things have happened in the past month neither really related to the musical instrument industry but both were staples,or iconic in their fields,we had the announcement of at least a partial sell out of the Anheuser Bush brewing company,and the announcement that the icon of the world of chocolate in the U.S. Hershy's chocolate,and their move to Mexico.
What does all of this have to do with counterfeit guitars,well considering Gibson now has a a plant in full operation in communist China and considering corporate greed has no patriotic feeling towards anyone in this country or else where I would only advise all of you out there waving the red white and blue and giving the old Hyle Hitler to Gibson Fender or who ever the manufacturer might be you would be wise to keep in mind that same corporation will be employing these scum bags you call counterfeiters.
And this is more than just a bit likely to happen before the year is out,and not that I'm promoting the purchasing of counterfeit goods,I will say if your considering purchasing one of these counterfeit guitars you might want to do so quickly my feeling is that these rumored junk guitars you can by for $300.00 to $700.00 dollars are going to be pricey real soon!
As I suspect before too long the same crapy quality guitars that these leading authorities on Chinese made knock off's are talking about on the online forums (here I might add the same people who readily admit they have never played one or owned one) will be going for the same inexcusable $2000.00 and up,per guitar.
So in ending for the people who stated "anyone who buys one of those fakes is an idiot" get in line because Gibson and the rest of the bloated egos will be sure to make room for you.



has ibanez found the secret that unlocks the flavor?



Any guitar for $100 just isn't going to be worth the trouble if you're an experienced player. The intonation, neck, electronics, and hardware alone are too important to mess with a piece of junk like that. You'd probably sink as much into it to fix the problems as if you bought a nice Epiphone anyway. Buy the real thing.



Id get one if I could find them for $100 or less.
Who knows maybie some day the goverment will crack down and stop their production and they will increase in value. but most likely not.
Ok 50 bucks, final offer.

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